(North American origin, organic) 

Aloha Medicinals is the world’s largest cultivator of bulk medicinal mushrooms and mushroom grain spawn ingredients, supplying manufacturers in over 60 countries with raw materials for inclusion in their formulations. 

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Available Forms

  • Pure Agaricus Blazei™ 

  • Pure Chaga™ 

  • Pure Cordyceps™ 

  • Pure Lion's Mane™ 

  • Pure Maitake™ 

  • Pure Red Reishi™ 

  • Pure Shiitake™ 

  • Pure Turkey Tail™ 

Mushroom Blends:

  • Gano Ultra™ 

  • Bio-Silymarin Plus™ 

  • Immune Assist 24/7™ 

  • Immune Assist Complete™ 

  • Immune Assist Critical CareFormula™ 

  • Immune Assist™ Micron

  • Levolar Forte™ 

  • Performax Forte™ 

*These statements have not been evaluated bythe Food and Drug Administration. *Theseproducts are not intended to diagnose, treat,cure or prevent any diseases.


  • Inflammation Modulation

  • Cardiovascular Health

  • Cognitive Health 

  • General Wellness

Tested. And Tested.

The reason Aloha Medicinals has become the world’s foremost medicinal mushroom supplements supplier is due to one thing – our quality control. We have the best mushroom supplements because each and every lot of organic mushrooms we produce is run through an extensive range of mushroom grain spawn testing to ensure consistency,

potency, and quality.

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"Our name and reputation stands behind every product. If we don’t have a sourcing partner that understands the complexities and requirements of the marketplace than chances are we will not be dealing with them. Our partners must have the same principles we have, the high-quality production standards—which equates to a quality finished product, and documentation that shows they meet all the standards, including our VivAssure standard,"


- Michael Poleselli