VSI and VI own the VivAssure™ brand and the proprietary VivAssure™ testing process, which rigorously screens product ingredients for more than 950 pesticides and contaminants, 24 heavy metals and a variety of microbial organisms, providing a detailed Certificate of Analysis.


As an ingredient supplier we recognize the importance of transparency when it comes to the products used in your formulations. That’s why we are proud to offer a solution to all of your ingredient concerns with our proprietary VivAssure™ tested products.


Each VivAssure™ product is purity validated and tested. Our innovative product development process looks at the overall concept, functionality and product benefits. This proprietary approach allows us to maintain the desired profitability ratio for each customized product line.  


All of our VivAssure™ products arrive ready to use with a detailed and precise

Certificate of Analysis.


Let us take the guesswork and worry out of formulating.